Teaching & Seminars - Curriculum

Cell Plasticity will contribute to the implementation of a curriculum in Systems Biology in Basel at the Masters level in coordination with D-BSSE and University of Basel. Examples of ongoing graduate level courses relevant to the topics of Cell Plasticity are:

  • Experimental Cancer Research (N Hynes, G. Christofori et al.)
  • Transcriptional control in Eukaryotes (P. Matthias et al.)
  • Epigenetic control of gene expression (S. Gasser, D. Schübeler, A.Peters, R. Paro)
  • Computational approaches (E.van Nimwegen, E. Oakeley, M. Zavolan, M. Stadler et al.)
  • Advanced immunology (A. Rolink, G. Holländer et al.)
  • Cellular signalling (K. Ballmer-Hofer, G. Christofori et al.)